RE | Concierge

Get fronted for the cost of home improvement services with no interest.

Elevate your home's value with our no stress RE | CONCIERGE program. We only partner with qualified and insured vendors to prep your home for sale.

Covered Services
Painting Design consultation services Flooring Bath improvements Landscaping Roofs, electrical, and plumbing New countertops Pre-sale home inspections Kitchen improvements Moving Window treatments Packing Power washing Cleaning Professional staging Relocation services Decluttering Elderly services

How It Works

Dudum Real Estate Group
1. Work with your Dudum Real Estate Group agent to decide what improvements are needed
2. A designer will schedule a consultation with you and your agent
3. Get approved in three minutes!
4. A custom co4. A project manager will be assigned to youlor property brochure will be created
5. You pay when your home sells or up to one year after the project is completed, whichever is first

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